StopTheMadness 22.0
From: Jeff Johnson (
Date: Tue, 11 May 2021 13:15:12 -0700 (PDT)
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On to the news: StopTheMadness version 22.0 is now available in the Mac App 

There's a lot of good stuff in this update. In the rest of this message, I'll 
discuss what's new.

1. Your Web URL Rules now apply to all pages opened in Safari, not just to 
clicked links!

This new feature is really big. Previously, you could create Web URL Rules in 
StopTheMadness so that links clicked in Safari would open in another web 
browser. For example, you might want Google Docs links to open in Google Chrome 
rather than in Safari.

Before now, this feature only worked for links that you clicked in Safari, but 
it didn't work for links you opened in Safari from elsewhere, such as clicking 
in Mail app. Now it does!

Let me explain a little how it works. Safari extensions don't actually have the 
ability to prevent a page from loading. (Safari content blockers can prevent 
pages from loading, but they can't do anything else interesting, such as open 
another browser.) What happens is that when a page starts loading, the 
StopTheMadness extension gets loaded into the page, and it checks whether the 
URL matches one of your Web URL Rules. If it does, then StopTheMadness 
immediately stops the page from loading, it follows your Web URL Rule, and it 
closes the Safari tab containing the page. (Closing the tab doesn't work on 
macOS 10.12 Sierra or 10.13 High Sierra, unfortunately, because the extension 
API for that feature wasn't introduced until Mojave.)

I've had a lot of requests for this, so I decided that I had to give it a go. 
Please note that it only works with Web URL Rules, not with URL Scheme Rules. 
That's because Safari extensions get loaded into http: and https: pages, 
whereas Safari doesn't allow extensions to handle other URL schemes.

2. The ⌘-delete feature now works with ⌘-backspace too, for compatibility with 
some non-Apple keyboards.

The feature to delete any HTML on hover with ⌘-delete was introduced in the 
previous version of StopTheMadness. It worked with every keyboard I tested, but 
I got a report from a customer that it didn't work on Das Keyboard. Now it does!

3. Press the option key with ⌘-delete to bypass the confirmation dialog.

If you've used ⌘-delete, you've noticed that you get a preview of what's 
deleted, with a confirmation dialog that you can ok or cancel. However, some 
customers didn't like the confirmation, so I've added a way to bypass it: hold 
down the option key. ⌥⌘-delete will now delete on hover with no confirmation.

4. Fixed an issue where ⌘-delete didn't work as expected with the focus in an 
input field.

When applied to text, ⌘-delete deletes the line of text. I tried to preserve 
that behavior, but I didn't get it quite right on my first try. On my second 
try, this should now be fixed, so ⌘-delete in a text field works as expected, 
instead of sometimes trying to delete the HTML element.

5. Improved the "Scrolling" website option to prevent more scrolljacking. 
(Caution: This may cause issues on some sites.)

When you scroll up and down on a web pages, the site has the ability to 
override your scrolling and do unpleasant things. Showing a popup advertisement 
is just one of many examples. This is commonly known as "scrolljacking". I've 
improved the StopTheMadness Scrolling website option to stop more forms of 

The downside of making scrolljacking prevention stronger is that it can cause 
more website incompatibilities. This is particularly true of sites that rely on 
"infinite scrolling", such as Twitter. So be careful when you enable the 
Scrolling option in StopTheMadness. It's listed under "Use with caution". You 
may want to enable Scrolling only for sites where you know you need it. Here's 
a list of known website incompatibilities, which I update from time to time:

6. Enable password autofill on Raymond James.

Believe it or not, there's no site-specific code in StopTheMadness. I've had 
this policy since the beginning of the app, because web sites can change at any 
time, which means site-specific code can break at any time. When I "fix" a web 
site, it's always a kind of generic fix. In this case, I wrote a fix that 
enables Safari password autofill on the Raymond James web site, but it should 
help login on other web sites too.

You know the "duck test"? If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and 
quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Well, this change was 
analogous, except it's a password test rather than a duck test.

7. Added a button to sign up for the new announcements-only email list.

If you're already reading this message, you probably don't need that button. ;-)

I hope you enjoy StopTheMadness 22. Thanks to all of my customers! If you'd 
like to support StopTheMadness further, please consider leaving a rating and 
review in the Mac App Store. This can really help indie developers get 


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