StopTheMadness, Link Unshortener, and Tweaks updates
From: Jeff Johnson (
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2021 17:59:08 -0700 (PDT)
Hello mailing list subscribers!

Today I released two software updates: Link Unshortener 8.2 and StopTheMadness 

I also released Tweaks for Twitter 3.0 last week, which I haven't mentioned yet 
on the mailing list, because it came only 3 days after Tweaks for Twitter 2.0, 
which I did mention. Tweaks is a brand new app from only 2 weeks ago, so I had 
to release a few updates in rapid succession to add some missing features. 
Here's what changed in version 3.0:

• The Tweaks preferences have an improved layout, and now support dark mode.
• You can now switch to the reverse chronological "Latest Tweets" timeline if 
Twitter forces you to use the algorithmic "Home" timeline. This applies to 
Twitter accounts created in 2016 and later, which otherwise have no switch at 
the top of the window and thus no "Latest Tweets" option.

Link Unshortener 8.2 is a minor update:

• Improved detection of redirects from and, working 
around malformed <meta http-equiv="refresh"> elements generated by those sites.
• Added the parameters mc_eid and mc_cid from Mailchimp and gclsrc from Google 
to the list of Known Trackers to be stripped from URLs.

StopTheMadness 22.1 is also a relatively minor update:

• Added the parameters mc_eid, mc_cid, gclsrc, and campaign_id to the list of 
known trackers to be stripped from clicked URLs. (Link Unshortener already 
stripped campaign_id, in case you're wondering.)
• Refinements to the ⌘-delete hover shortcut feature for deleting elements on 
• Web URL Rules now ask for confirmation to open a link in an external browser 
if the link was not clicked in Safari, regardless of whether the rule has 
"Confirm" enabled. ("Confirm" still applies to clicked links, as always.)

The last change is worth discussing in more detail. It's a workaround for the 
default Safari preference "Preload Top Hit in the background" (in the Search 
pane of Safari's Preferences window), which can load URLs while you're typing 
in the address bar. I actually wrote a blog post about the issue:

StopTheMadness 22.0 improved the Web URL Rules feature by applying the rules to 
all URLs opening in Safari, not just to URLs clicked in web pages. So the rules 
also apply to URLs that you type in the address bar. Unfortunately, this could 
have negative side effects with the "Preload Top Hit in the background" 
preference enabled, if the URL you're typing happens to match one of your 
StopTheMadness rules. If your rule opens the URL in another browser, then this 
could happen in the middle of typing in the address bar.

My workaround in StopTheMadness 22.1 is to ask for confirmation in this case. 
If you end up loading the "preloaded" top hit in a Safari tab, then you'll see 
the confirmation dialog. If you don't ever load the top hit, then nothing 
visible happens, which is what you'd expect.

Unfortunately, the workaround has to ignore the value of the "Confirm" checkbox 
in your rule. The "Confirm" checkbox still applies properly to links that you 
click, but links that are opened in some other way need to be confirmed before 
they're opened in a non-Safari browser. I felt that I had to add this 
workaround, because "Preload Top Hit in the background" is the Safari default 
for all users. (Note that Safari extensions have to way to detect the value of 
this preference in Safari.)

That's all my software update news. In other news, Monday is the start of 
Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference. I'll definitely be watching, 
and also installing and testing any new macOS beta ASAP. I'll let you know 
about the compatibility of my software, but I'm not expecting any problems, as 
I haven't experienced compatibility problems with my apps in the past.


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